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Genome Data Centre

Phoenix ME undertook the lead co-ordination and installation of a new independent N+1 2.2 MW infrastructure, feeding a 1MW Data Hall. Currently positioned within an existing and live data facility.

The hall utilises the new hot and cold aisles with a cooling water system from 3 new Hybrid cooling towers located on the roof. In addition this further supplies the Computer Room Air Handling (CRAH) units and Rear Door Coolers located in the hall; All serviced by means of pre-fabricated mild steel pipework located within the floor and riser.

New plant has been installed within the existing plant rooms inclusive of switch panels, distribution boards, water tanks, pumps, booster sets and in addition a new pre fabricated packaged plantroom located on the roof, all serving the N+1 data hall located on the ground floor.

The project has 2 new 4000A cast resin IP68 busbars that will supply the switch panels from the new Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS). The switch panels will feed all distribution boards, BMS and the intelligent Medium Powerbar that’s supplies the data cabinets.

Value: £2.4M

Scope: M&E

Completion: Feb 2018