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Fujitsu Data Centre

Phoenix ME undertook the lead co-ordination and installation of a new independent N+1 1MW Data Hall. Currently positioned within a live data facility.

Data hall 7 consisted of 2 areas, 7A which was fitted out, and 7B which was left as an empty shell. Hall 7A utilises the new cold aisles with a cooling water system from the existing data centre infrastructure, supplying the computer room air cooling (CRAC) units located in the hall; All serviced by means of pre-fabricated mild steel pipework located within the floor.

The data hall had new electrical supplies that was installed on co-ordinated containment from the Fujitsu existing switchrooms and data hall 7. These supplied new Power Distribution Panels, CRAC Distribution Panels &  Distribution Boards. The hall has been divided between an A supply and a B Supply. All A&B PDU’s feed the 250A 5Pole busbars that have been installed for the data cabinets. The CDP’s feed the 8no. CRAC units, these have integral ATS switches should there be mains failure. Both distribution boards supply all the lighting and general power

The project has a new lightning protection system that was installed from the roof of the new building to 8 individual earth pits dedicated to the data hall 7 building.

Data Hall 7 had extension to the existing BMS, security, lighting control, fire alarm system, VESDA system, sprinkler system & gas suppression.

Value: £3M

Scope: M&E

Completion: Jul 2018