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KGX1 is a new commercial property for a leading technologies company and is a purpose-built 11 storey building located in the Kings Cross area of North London, comprising more than 1 million square feet, of which the Client will occupy 650,000 sq ft, the building is classed as a landscaper, is 320 metres long and is the first of its kind to be built in the UK.

The building combines modern office settings, including formal and informal meeting areas and auditoriums, with an array of staff health amenities including a gym, swimming pool and indoor multi-purpose sports hall. A rooftop garden stretches over multiple storeys and the building offers a variety of cafés and restaurants to cater to occupants. Smart Building technology is being used improve the comfort and energy efficiency of the building and the project is aiming to achieve BREEAM Excellent and LEED Gold certifications.

PME have been employed to carry out the installation of the shell and core electrical services the scope of which includes the design development, co-ordination, procurement, supply, fabrication, manufacture, delivery to site, offloading (including lifting facilities and distribution to work places), assembly, installation, supervision, inspection, testing, commissioning, setting-to-work and ongoing performance monitoring of the electrical installation including:

HV/LV distribution system (HV Switchboard, 6nr 2500kVA HV/LV, Transformers, 13nr LV switchpanels)
51nr Plant power centres
350nr Distribution boards

51nr Plant Power Centres
HV and LV cabling
PME and EMS system

5KM of Horizontal and rising busbars over 35 individual runs
2nr 1MVA standby Generators

5nr Central Battery systems for emergency lighting system
2nr UPS system (1 x 160kVA and 1x 200kVA)
Lighting and lighting control system
Small Power for mechanical systems
Photovoltaic system
Leaky feeder system